Core Data Tracker

Track symptoms at scale with real-time data

We’ve developed a new COVID-19 web app to help you deliver outstanding resident care during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Co-created with frontline NHS staff and a network of care homes across the UK, Covid-19 Core Data Tracker enables your teams to stay GDPR compliant whilst delivering exceptional care to those that need it most. Track symptoms in a reliable, meaningful way at scale.

Our app is available across all devices including smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop devices. Discover how our app can help your care home or healthcare teams.

How does Covid-19 Core Data Tracker help our care home?

The new Covid-19 tracker app, developed by Safe Steps, enables you to gather key Covid-19 clinical information about each of your residents. Covid-19 Core Data Tracker enables your local NHS teams to help respond to the daily pressures faced at the front line quickly and confidently. Safe Steps has been enhanced to capture appropriate health data for each resident. The app acts as a simple checker to allow care home managers and staff to keep track of the changing picture for residents on a daily basis.

Co-created with health and care teams across Greater Manchester to demonstrate initial proof of value, we’ve worked closely with the 24/7 NHS digital response team, GPs and care homes with positive feedback about how simple and intuitive it is to use.

“This is very simple and easy to use, looks great and will enable us to quickly capture the relevant data for our residents”
Lisa Johnson, Care Home Manager, Auden House

Covid-19 Core Data Tracker enables Clinicians to deliver the best possible care by presenting crucial information all in one, compliant space. Covid-19 Core Data Tracker enables you to store data in one resilient tool, including vital information such as symptoms and health status. Communicate more effectively across multiple sites with multiple teams.

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Carry out daily checks and keep track of information about every resident in your home
Conduct British Geriatric Society- recommended RESTORE2 mini health check assessments
Push concerns and information directly to local NHS hubs
Easy-to-understand reporting dashboards to get a clear overview across all care homes

What does the dashboard do to help clinicians?

Track an individual’s health status over time to help clinicians quickly identify support
Carry out searches to help identify individual residents and their needs in real-time
Access real-time data to make quick, informed decisions
Quickly spot emerging trends or hotspots across your area
Make informed triage decisions based on the results of the RESTORE2 mini health assessments
“CV19 progresses very quickly, but with the Safe Steps app we (primary care) can easily identify those patients who need advanced care planning by picking up signs of deterioration as soon as they start to happen”
Dr Saif Ahmed, GP

How does Covid-19 Core Data
Tracker help teams in the NHS?

We’ve co-created our app with NHS frontline staff and care home professionals across Greater Manchester. Their insights have helped us to create an intuitive resource for those working hard on the front line during COVID-19.

Use your clinical resources in the right places at the right time; proactively spot care homes and residents who need support via the app
Use real-time data to cut down on manual, menial tasks such as ringing around care homes or dealing with unwieldy spreadsheets
Enable clinicians in NHS response hubs to make the best decisions at speed
Easily share information with other members of your team and other health professionals such as GPs
“The Safe Steps CV19 tracker app provides real-time information to clinicians and GPs about the clinical status of their patients, allowing proactive management and care for the most vulnerable in our society. My clinical teams are now using the dashboard daily to optimally support care homes and their residents”
Professor Martin Vernon, Clinical Hub Lead
Consultant Geriatrician Tameside & Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust
“By co-creating the COVID-19 Core Data Tracker with Safe Steps we've been able to create something that truly responds to thousands of peoples needs. By sharing our insights and implementing it quickly across Greater Manchester we're already seeing the positive impact in our communities”
Jay Hamilton, Associate Director, Health Innovation Manchester

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