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What is Safe Steps?

Safe Steps is a digital falls risk assessment tool, designed to reduce the number of falls in care homes.

Safe Steps uses a dynamic set of assessment questions to create individual, personalised care plans. Co-created with care professionals, Safe Steps provides a consistent way for care organisations to implement a falls prevention strategy and adhere to Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulatory requirements.

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For the 11.6 million older people living in the UK, falls represent a major problem with 6 people falling over every single minute.

40% of people who suffer from a fall are left with a moderate or extensive injury. However, the impact of falls often goes beyond the physical, with over one fifth of people losing their confidence and being more at risk of falling again.

Safe Steps can reduce the risk of preventable falls by up to 25% – restoring confidence in older people and leading to safer, happier residents who remain active for longer.

Care homes

With 40% of hospital admissions from care homes occuring as a result of a fall, falls prevention represents a huge challenge for care homes across the UK.

Based on NICE guidelines, Safe Steps allows care homes to proactively implement a review process whereby vulnerable residents can be identified, receive appropriate care and thus reduce their risk of falling.

Accessed via a secure, cloud based app – Safe Steps provides a digital audit trail for CQC reporting requirements and reduces the amount of paperwork created in a care home.


Falls related injuries cost the NHS nearly £2.2 billion per year, with each fall costing the NHS ~ £7.5k. It’s estimated by the end of 2020, 1000 people per day will be admitted to hospital due to a fall.

Research by Cochrane UK has proven how effective management of falls prevention measures can reduce the number falls by upto 25% and offer a good return on investment.

Adopting Safe Steps as part of a falls prevention strategy can reduce the number of preventable falls in care homes, in turn decreasing the demand on the NHS.

How it works

  1. 1 Safe Steps is easily setup and configured for each individual care organisation.
  2. 2 Care home staff use the app to complete a simple, face-to-face assessment once a month for each resident.
  3. 3 The assessment looks at 12 key risk factors based on UK NICE guidelines.
  4. 4 Completing the assessment creates a personalised action plan tailored to specific needs of each resident.
  5. 5 Safe Steps provides care homes with a digital audit trail to satisfy regulatory inspection requirements.

We go through the assessment with our residents and it helps put their mind at ease that they know we are dealing with the problem and it boosts their confidence

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